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For the last decade, Anthea First Class has been connecting you to what you love the most and to the very best life has to offer. Headquartered in one of top 5 world destinations – the breathtaking Lisboa – our experienced team and outstanding partners design your unique requests with an unparalleled attention to detail.

One of Europe’s most exciting luxury travel and concierge service companies, Anthea First Class ranks among its clientele not only members of royalty, high net worth individuals and high profile CEOs and their families, but also a number of illustrious unknowns, who are part of this elite of pleasure seekers that value the curated experiences we design exclusively for them.

Anthea First Class

Anthea First Class is the luxury concierge service of Anthea Group, a respected premium services company working in the Iberian Peninsula. Committed to working hard to consistently surprise its customers, employees and shareholders, Anthea Group strives for excellence, integrity, team spirit, resilience, and entrepreneurship.

Anthea Group

Anthea Group operates in the lifestyle management, human and electronic security, transport, event and logistics sectors.

By tapping into this ecosystem, Anthea First Class can take better care of your wildest wishes, offering you a superior and complete luxury lifestyle

operational hubs
in Portugal, Dubai,
Spain and Maldives

from all
six Continents

Unparalleled luxury lifestyle experiences

For more than ten years we have hand-picked only the best partners, those who strive to offer you the most exclusive and personalized experiences. Our prestigious partners respect Anthea First Class’ DNA and ensure the excellency standard you are used to, in Portugal, Spain, Dubai, and other countries.

Anthea First Class is the standout choice for luxury lifestyle in Portugal. Together with our trusted partners, we offer private concierge services and unparalleled access to the very best that life has to offer.

Anthea group has a headquarters in Dubai, so we can offer all kinds of services worldwide.


What ordinary?

The extraordinary curated exclusively for you.
Anthea First Class grants you access to the inaccessible.Anthea First Class grants you access to the inaccessible.Anthea First Class grants you access to the inaccessible.

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